Expect the Worst When Home Prices Rise


Those seeking a mortgage fast to purchase now may need to consider what will happen to the real estate market upon a rebound. People have been feeling stuck in their homes, unable to move for many years now.  As prices fell, more and more homes went underwater.  (Click here for more information on underwater mortgages) […]


Protect Yourself from Big Bad Mortgage Companies


Not all mortgage lenders are like the big bad wolf – trying every way to ruin your life. Stay away from companies that don’t have your best interest in mind. Protect yourself from mortgage fraud with these helpful tips. Ask if there are any prepayment penalties Ask about fees prior to signing anything Don’t sign […]


2 Quick Reasons for Refinancing My Mortgage Fast


Many homeowners are feeling like they are trapped and their back is against the wall with their monthly mortgage payment looming over them. ARMs, foreclosures, underwater, and joblessness are all key terms repeated time and time again on this subject. So, the question becomes – Why refinance my mortgage fast? Will finding a quick mortgage […]


Two Options for Those Far Underwater or at Risk of Foreclosure


Financial institutions are required to find who is eligible for aid because of the recent foreclosure settlement. This must happen within the next six to nine months while many need help right now. Most critics say that the settlement is too little too late. Those in trouble now should likely not count on receiving anything […]


4 Fast Mortgage Approval Tips


Few things in life are as disappointing as letting the opportunity of a lifetime slip away because you forgot a detail or were not fully prepared. For those who need to get a fast mortgage, usually because their dream home has appeared on the market for a more than reasonable price, the difference between getting […]

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Purchasing a New Home

Buying your first house is a huge decision and there are multiple factors to consider. This article will outline 5 questions each future homeowner should ask. How long do you plan on living in the home? Americans usually live in homes for about seven to nine years. Each future homeowner needs to decide if they […]

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